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Vanishing Point
With the invention of the warp drive Man's initial trickle into space became an unstoppable torrent.  No longer constrained by distances too great to be crossed in a lifetime the dam burst and Man flooded the heavens.  Stars once viewed as pin pricks of light in a night sky now warmed the faces of human colonists as they rose above unearthly horizons.
So great was the initial rush that many systems went unvisited, or barely noticed, billions of years of universal evolution tagged with a number, some galactic co-ordinates, a dot on somebody's map.
Only now, with the flood subsided could Star Fleet take a breath and return to some of the overlooked systems and study them more carefully second time around.
The USS Spaker hung in space, a negative silhouette, white on black.  Her underside illuminated by the bluish glow from Epsilon Gamma-190971-B, a blue giant some one hundred and fifty million kilometres away, the second star in an unstable trinary system.  She rotate
:icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 2 2
[Stock] Pulsar nebula by DaddyHoggy [Stock] Pulsar nebula :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 4 0 Sunset at the Defence Academy by DaddyHoggy Sunset at the Defence Academy :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 11 6 Photobomb Yvie by DaddyHoggy Photobomb Yvie :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 9 15 Steampunk Mo by DaddyHoggy Steampunk Mo :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 3 13 Steampunk at FantastiCon by DaddyHoggy Steampunk at FantastiCon :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 4 4 Milly FantastiCon Steampunk in Sepia by DaddyHoggy Milly FantastiCon Steampunk in Sepia :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 5 5 Moody Mo Selfie by DaddyHoggy Moody Mo Selfie :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 2 6 [Stock] Abandoned Tractor 2 by DaddyHoggy [Stock] Abandoned Tractor 2 :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 1 5 [Stock] Abandoned Tractor 1 by DaddyHoggy [Stock] Abandoned Tractor 1 :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 3 2 The Reading Circle by DaddyHoggy The Reading Circle :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 17 16 Sunrise captured by DaddyHoggy Sunrise captured :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 10 4 Sunrise silhouette by DaddyHoggy Sunrise silhouette :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 9 4 Suspended by DaddyHoggy Suspended :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 4 5 The Red and the Blue by DaddyHoggy The Red and the Blue :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 20 8 Pen Light by DaddyHoggy Pen Light :icondaddyhoggy:DaddyHoggy 4 5


by d2l2

There are many 'model in a chair' images on DA, there are many 'silhouette' nudes but this is one of my favourite combinations. The mod...

A breathtaking image. The choice of Black and White enhances the deep shadows and delightful highlights. I love the domestic setting - ...

I love the title of this work because despite the obvious alternatives that are far more pleasing on the eye, the cactus does appear to...

I love the model's elegant pose, a beautifully and sensually curved back in contrast to the straight leg supporting her, toes buried in...


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So, I've been published for the second time this year. While Synthesis was a pure Science Fiction Anthology, 666 is a Horror Anthology that was released on the evening of Halloween.

It contains 30+ stories, each exactly 666 words long, which makes it rather unique.

My story 'Headhunted' is the second story up, right after the story by Professional author Michael Brookes, and was 'highly commended' by the editors of the anthology.

You can find it here:…

And I have to say - I love the cover!

666 Cover by DaddyHoggy
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United Kingdom
At the time of writing (March 2017) I'm a 45 year old ex-Rocket Scientist (yes, really). I've been an academic for the last 8 years teaching Modelling and Simulation to a mainly military audience.

I've been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen (in my left hand - despite teachers' insistence that I hold it in my right). I've had some stuff published, links are in my author's page at the bottom of this section.

I have no real talent for art/drawing but can sometimes do what I want to do via a computer - I did take it to an extreme when I was 14 when I wrote an art package for my Commodore 64, just so I could draw...

I love to find inspiration for my stories in the work of others, which is why I joined DeviantArt in the first place.

I like to comment - there is so much amazing work on this site and so much of it goes unnoticed. If I see your work and I like it, and it is uncommented, I will leave you a comment...


Only viewable for a few more hours, but after a 3 month hiatus while I was editing my novel I stopped writing flash fiction and submitting to Paragraph Planet. Well, I started up again about a week ago and I was selected to be today's 75-worder.
Happy to help promote a fellow deviant - especially when their work is as beautiful as this and there's a chance they won't make their Kickstarter target:…


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